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Stand out from the crowd with our innovative mobile LED video truck, the epitome of brand activation and event amplification. It’s a 3-sided, high-resolution moving masterpiece that truly turns heads.

Our vehicle’s screens aren’t just strikingly bright and crystal clear; they possess the unique ability to unfold and soar up to 5 meters high – a sight as spectacular as your message deserves to be. Get ready to be blown away by this game-changing approach to mobile advertising. Intrigued? Venture further into our site to uncover how we can revolutionise your branding experience.

At Moving Media our commitment to our environment is real and covers every aspect of our business and campaigns by Planting trees to remove our carbon emissions and restore local ecosystems. Find out how:

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Moving Media is a three-sided LED video truck with 4m x 2m wide screens on both sides, and a 2m x 2m screen at the rear. It has the ability to display super-clear moving or static images on all 3 sides, or joined at the rear to make a huge 10m x 2m screen that can be raised up to five meters high!

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