Media Buying, Strategy and Campaign Development

For nearly two decades, Mick Diffey has stood as a reliable pillar in the realm of regional media, serving a myriad of local, national, and international brands and agencies. Through Moving Media, he amplifies his role, providing all-encompassing services that span production, campaign conceptualisation, and execution in its entirety.

Leveraging his expansive experience, Mick traverses the complex media terrain. With a forte in multi-channel planning and strategy, underscored by a profound comprehension of data and analytics, And the skill of predicting audience behaviours. At Moving Media, impartiality is our creed, assuring that Mick’s guidance on the best fit for your campaign is always free from prejudice or external influence. Dive in and discover the difference with Moving Media.

We work on results not budgets

Out of Home

It's no secret we love billboards We possess a hyper-awareness of every Australian market, a skill finely honed to keep us ahead of the curve. But what truly sets us apart is our extensive network of trusted partners. Through them, We hold the power to book any video or static billboard nationwide, ensuring your brand gets the visibility it deserves, anywhere across Australia. Join us, as we redefine out-of-home advertising, one billboard at a time.

Programmatic online & social media

Our traders provide state of the art targeted programmatic online marketing and advertising with accurate reporting and results.


Moving Media holds accounts with all major free-to-air television networks and monitors ratings and programming daily. We know where the people are watching.

Radio / Print

15 years of booking directly with our suppliers provides us with a unique relationship and rates for our clients.

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