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Experience the future of advertising and events with our exclusive 3-sided LED video truck. Outfitted with expansive 4-meter wide screens on each side and a crisp 2-meter display at the rear, the truck showcases vivid, super-clear images – be they dynamic or static – on all three sides.

What sets our Moving Media truck apart is its side screens, each once opened stretching a whopping 10m x 2m. These screens can uniquely elevate up to 5 meters high using a hydraulic ram, a feature that is singular to our truck in the whole of Australia!

Our advanced custom software gives us the edge to revolutionise your campaign, adjusting creative content remotely within an impressive 10-second timeframe. With the capacity to manage four individual video feeds and over 10 various screen split variations, we stand ready to tailor our solution to your specific messaging and visual requirements. Your vision is our mission.

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